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Sustainable Leaders Forum An Opportunity To Build Green Business in the UAE



On 6 June Aliance Middle East will launch the start of the Sustainable Leaders Forum in Ajman, UAE. The Forum, to be held under the 2nd Ajman International Environment Conference, will provide attendees the opportunities to meet with other sustainable leaders and professionals working with the GCC region. The Ajman International Environment Conference is organized by Ajman Municipality and Planning Department (AMPD) and under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman, who is known as the Green Sheikh.

The day long Forum will focus on what Aliance ME believes are the four crucial pillars of sustainable leadership:

  • Intra-personal: The ability to care for oneself, a commitment to a personal purpose and the ability to learn from both successes and shortcomings are the first steps that we as human beings should consider taking as we turn our attention to environmental and social issues within our businesses.
  • Organizational: How to leverage the experience and talent within your business or NGO, take into account the context and cultural issues we face in Dubai and the UAE and in the end, exploring ways to create value for both customers and stakeholders will be an ongoing theme during the Forum.
  • Society: Business needs to look beyond just the spreadsheets and financial numbers. At a time when more companies are paying attention to the “triple bottom line” of people, planet and profit, businesses need to learn how they can create value for society.
  • Ecological: In this extreme environment of Dubai, where resources are scarce and most goods are imported from elsewhere, companies are now realizing that a focus on waste, water and energy issues are not just altruistic, but makes good business sense.

This is an exciting time in Dubai, as the emirate is rebounding after the financial crunch of a few years ago. But with renewed and accelerated growth come growing threats to our local environment. Meanwhile both the Dubai and UAE governments are ramping up sustainable development goals as political leaders are looking to a post-oil future.

But many investors are still not willing to make a commitment to sustainability. Many reasons explain their hesitation, from expats not looking to stay in Dubai in the long run to a lack of awareness among both Emiratis and expat workers. The overriding factor, however, is that businesses are not convinced that there is a business case for more sustainable and responsible economic growth.

To that end, the Sustainable Leaders Forum will showcase key leaders who have embraced sustainability thinking, embedded it within their organizations and have advised businesses within and beyond Dubai about how they can take a forward thinking approach to their business while not decreasing, but increasing profits and performance.

If you work within a small or medium enterprise, multinational, state-owned corporation, or an NGO and have latent interest or extreme passion for sustainability, we invite you to attend the forum. More information on the speakers and agenda can be found here

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